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Who I Am

I Am Joseph Murphy


I'm a web developer in Memphis with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Memphis. I’m looking for work in the web development industry, and I have an avid interest in making websites both functional and pleasing to view. While pursuing my degree I helped others build or improve their websites, and have worked on improving the functionality of multiple client websites.



RUby on Rails









What I Do


Digital Media Intern

Signature Advertising, Memphis, TN, February 2015 - present

In this position I assist in the development and maintenance of client websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. Also assisted in the migration of the agency server to a cloud server.

Summer Intern

Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis, TN, May 2015 - August 2015

In this position I developed software that displayed river stages of several area rivers on an hourly basis.

High Tau (Treasurer)

Lambda Chi Alpha Zeta - Theta Zeta, Memphis, TN, November 2013 - January 2015

I was the treasurer of the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at University of Memphis. Lambda Chi Alpha is a social fraternity, and the the chapter at University of Memphis had 40 to 70 members and an annual budget of approximately $100,000.00 per year. Responsibilities included collection of dues, payment of bills, and preparing and presenting the annual budget to the chapter. Additional duties included creation and implementation of long term financial plans to assure the financial viability of the chapter. I was also responsible for interacting with the national Lambda Chi Alpha organization and insuring that our chapter complied with national standards.

Web Developer

Crisp Marketing, Memphis, TN, September 2017 - present

Develop websites to generate Leads for companies.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, August 2012 – May 2017

My Process

The development process starts with the thought process. What does the client need? What will make the project a success?

Without a thorough design process, the project will not be successful. Due to potential scope creep and other other unanticipated delays, the project could be subject to serious delays.

This next step involves implementing the current iteration and the user stories according to the client’s priorities.

After the completion of the current iteration, have the client give you feedback and create new user stories to further develop the project.

Finally, once the client is happy with the project, deliver and deploy it.

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